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Album of the Week 16/12 2007 – Slope, Steve Jansen

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For those of you that were fans of the nine horse project, this is almost a continuation of that…check it out, its awesome… xslope200px.jpg 

Xmas News- the Difference Engine Part 2: Timelines

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The Difference Engine (Rekids) is due out in Feb 2008 .Look out for features in DJ mag, IDJ (Album of the month and feature), Groove (Germany),amongst others.Part 2 is 80 percent done .  On this i have been working with Juzles Maharaj(Keys) , Rub (Bass), and Arthur Jeffes (Penguin Cafe Orchestra).Further productions include Damian Lazarus solo album. Jonny Rock (Freaks ) solo album, and Jon Marsh (The Beloved)New website is on the go, which will be an extension of this blog but with free stuff and merchandise.That’s all…Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year x