Pigeon Holes and bird poop

In Today i am mostly pissed off with.... on September 7, 2009 at 3:13 pm

A true artists continuing battle is to remain relevant, correct?In order to remain relevant you need to be constantly one step ahead of yourself,no? In order to stay one step ahead you need to be aware of your surroundings.  Allowing your mind to follow a naturally progressive cultural timeline is possibly the key to remaining constantly relevant. Sticking with the same thing for 2 long creates the massive stigma known as the PIGEONHOLE!

n. A small compartment or recess, as in a desk, for holding papers; a cubbyhole. A specific, often oversimplified category. The small hole or holes in a pigeon loft for nesting. tr.v., -holed, -hol·ing, -holes. To place or file in a small compartment or recess. To classify mentally; categorize. To put aside and ignore; shelve

Once in the PIGEONHOLE, getting out of it can be an issue. I have an issue with both the pigeon hole and the pigeon holers. The pigeon hole is generally a pain in the arse for the artist. Pretty much you are unaware until you are in it. Then you have to work your way out. This usually means losing old fans and finding new ones.

The Pigeon holer is also a pain in the arse as he is the person that has put you in there ,covered you in bird poop, and left you to fester. Ultimately deciding that you you are, else will never be, his/her thing.

This then becomes the artist/said persons battle. Re- inventing or re-branding. This to me, is the greatest challenge. Constantly suprising your audience is a great achievement and should always be your goal. The problem is, the more you do it, the harder it becomes.

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