Archived DJ mixes from the last 15 years or so…

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Here goes nothing.

(Disclaimer: Excuse the tape wobble, the hiss and the occasional train wreck. It’s the thought that counts)

Luke Solomon Home mix 1993 Vol 1.

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 1

Luke Solomon Girls FM Jan 1995 Part 2

Luke Solomon “Stop On By” Shop mix 1993

Luke Solomon Live mix March 1994 Part 1

Luke Solomon Live Mix March 1994 Part 2

Femi B Live at Space Bar Rumba

Luke Solomon at Space Bar Rumba

Luke Solomon Shop Mix Oct 1994

Luke Solomon odd eclectic bar rumba warm up mix

(NB: I don’t have tracklists as I was pretty much high for the entire decade. So feel free to post them for me.)

  1. Thanks for the mixes… on the download now!

  2. hey luke hope u feeling better , and thanks for sharing this old school mix tapes with us !!! this must be the beginings of classic rec !! thanks man !!!1

  3. Cheers Lukatron.

    Hope you get better soon & thanks for the mixes. I@ll pass this on to my scouse friend who’s in Thailand. He swears yours & Kenny’s mixes on Girls.FM fed him with quality house while he was studying in London.

  4. […] Check out Solomons forthcoming remix album , “Freaks, Danced and Re-Ordered” out on Music for Freaks, you can also keep up to date with Luke on his blog here […]

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