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Luke began his proffesional DJ career in 1992 having practiced hard at his Friday night residency at Middlesex University student Union, where he met cohort Justin Harris. During this period he started working at a local Barnet record shop selling house music and soul music whilst holding down a part time job as a fishmonger. Following this his career within the industry was secured whence he got a job at Freetown, then home to Robert Owens, Felix the housecat,Jamie Principle and Masters at Work. This openned doors and led him to a long lasting relationship with Rob Mello and Kenny Hawkes, with hom he started his recording career and passion for live radio (Girls FM) respectively. Rob took Luke under his studio wing and taught him the ropes . Together they worked on productions for both Freetown and Prescription Underground. It was through the prescription owner Chez Damier,that he met a certain Mr Derrick L Carter. They immediately jelled due to their fascination with late nights and wild parties. From this Classic was born. The DJ’s record label, home to artists such as DJ Sneak,Isolee,Tiefshwarz and Greenskeepers. During this time Luke and Justin had also begun to devlop their own production team,”Freaks.” Recording for their own label Music for Freaks, they went to complete 3 studio albums, including within this, “the Man who lived underground, followed by a Top ten hit in the UK with the Creeps.

More recently Luke recorded his first longplayer “The Difference Engine” for Radioslave’s Rekids label.

Luke is currently in the process of setting up a new label under the moniker “Little Creatures.”

Luke has also finished his follow up the Difference Engine, entitled, “Timelines.”

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