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September Newsletter and Important note to all Podcast Subscribers.

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This month will see Luke well and truly back on the road after a couple of months with his head down in the studio. Beginning this week end Luke will be playing for 7 hours along side old friend and Classic artist, Brett Johnson, at Weekend Club in Berlin. Luke’s unofficial Berlin residency.
Then Luke is off to do an exclusive party in San Francisco and then end of month it;’s the big one. Luke starts his fifth year at Italy’s now legendary Moxa Club in Mantova. The club recently won Italy’s awesome club of the year award and the guests this month are phenomenal. Grandmaster Flash and Africa Bambatta to name but 2.
Luke has also been busy in the studio working on a hush album collaboration to be released on a seminal house imprint. More info on this next month. Collaborators include Bearweasel, Pezzner and Brett Johnson.
Outside of this, Luke has been writing with Cellist Martin Radford on some more cinematic pieces, and finally something totally new for Luke.
Working with Howlin’ Wilf guitarist Andy Neal, Luke has been producing for the legendary Ronnie King. The single, Mellow Down Easy, is a cover of an old Little Walter record, that the two have turned into, what can only be described as Grace Jones meets Tom Waits. Watch this space.

Also, Luke’s podcast feed has changed.
Please go here and re-subscribe

Work commenced on new Digital Kid album

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Featuring collabs from Lil Mark, Pezzner, Martin Radford, Brett Johnson and Tom Bailey

August 2010 /My Album of the Month/ Actress

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This new modern pop electronica era is beginning to excite me. Inspired by house, techno and various other electronic genres, it takes modern technology and incorporates that into something quite futuristic. It is to modern music what Herbert was to house music 15 plus years ago. Bands like Caribou, Flying Lotus, Fuck Buttons,  Logo and artists like Matthew Dear, and for me, this band in particular:

ACTRESS – Splazsh

On the wonderful Honest Jon’s Records

Here’s the link to the iTunes UK Store

It is Material…

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To promote the use of physical product to help a dying industry (see “We’re Holding Out for a Hero” blog) I am encouraging the use of this logo on all physical products that I am involved in:

Here is the link to the hi-res download:

Feel free to use if you wish on any physical product to help support the cause. Music is a dying art, let’s bring it back to life again.

We’re holding out for a hero.

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The drowning fate of the music industry is beginning to sadden me deeply.
It seems that the point at which it couldn’t get any worse, it kind of did.
This time though, it wasn’t down to the new “I don’t pay” ethic. This time it was the economy. When we had started to come to terms with the fact that, as artists, we would have to make a living from touring and promoting, suddenly the clubs started closing.
It is at this point you begin to realize that if we do not return to educating people in the value of music, then our world is kind of doomed.
When Prince said the internet was over, he kind of had a point. If we feed the internet with music either for free or for sale, then it’s inevitable that it will become viral and free. If we turn to using the old school concept of distributing physical product as a starting point, then may be there is a way out of this. I am not just talking about music, I am talking about drawing people in and using your fan base to build a community that you can educate and help them understand that this isn’t about being famous and making millions, it’s about feeding a dying art so that it exists for the next generation. There are some great new portals that encourage this new business model. Topspin is one, band camp another. That doesn’t mean you can use them and expect people to pay for your music straight off the bat, but you can incorporate them and include the idea of merchandise, DIY CD’s, art, a badge, a postcard, a 7 inch, and at the same time, still give things away.
The days of making a piece of music, throwing it up on a download site and expecting to tour the world on it, are few and far between.
People are getting savvy to dance musics great con artists else they are being conned by them. There are a mass of people out there that care about the music and not about how high you hold your hands in the air whilst playing somebody else’s songs. The problem is, they have either lost interest or been lured into a false sense of security. Or they just aren’t aware of the industries demise.
The underground, the place where most great movements begin, is in real danger of being diminished to the point of being a part time hobby, and I know that as an artist I have chosen this as my life long profession.
I know I would be sad if my job became my hobby.

Big Chill Video Clip

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August Newsletter

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Check out Luke’s remix of the amazing 2 Bears “Follow The Bear EP” (aka Raf Rundall & Joe Goddard from Hot Chip). Luke’s mix is featured alongside remixes from Derrick Carter, Supabeatz, Brooks & Panton but of course, his is the best of the bunch, especially for the 6am crowd :-).

The beginning of the year also saw Luke team up in the studio with original Mondo Grosso lead man, Shinichi Osawa to work on a record for his solo album entitled SO2 and the stunning track “London – Homes Not Where You Lay Your Head” was recorded and mixed between London & Japan. Featuring the likes of vocalists Tiger, Tiger & Natalie Broomes (whom Luke has also worked with extensively on his own solo album), the track is a true electronic masterpiece.
Shinichi’s album has now been released by Avex, Japan and is available to buy as a special package of cd / mix cd and dvd but you can hear all the tracks here :

Other projects in the pipeline for Luke are of course the 1st four track EP from Lukatron which has now been signed and will be released via a great label in September – more news coming soon – all we can say for time being is this is an awesome EP that goes back to making house music with samples and analogue equipment…

For all latest Freaks news – check out

July News

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Luke is currently preparing to launch his new label, Little Creatures.

The first single will be by Luke himself, entitled “Ultrasound/Say Something.”

It will features remixes from Losoul and Kalabrese. There will also be a vinyl only edition and limited free download exclusive mix also.

July will also see the release of 2 new remixes from Luke, one on Murmur.

The new single by Tom Demac entitled “Crew Cuts and Curls,” also features mixes by Wolf and Lamb and Jamie Jones.

Luke is currently in the studio working on some music for the dancefloor under his new guise, Lukatron.
The concept is back to the raw method of making house music using samples and analogue equipment. Very much in the style of Luke’s current DJ sets.

Archived Mix Tape – Luke Solomon @ Rock Steady, Jersey

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Click Image to Activate Download or Click on link below

Lukatron’s Re-Edits

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Lukatron Reel Edit #1 (re-issued soon)

Lukatron Reel Edit #2