So, the biggest news is that Freaks have signed their 4 year old single, “the creeps,” to the Ministry of Sound.
Having originally signed the single to Gigolo and Azuli respectively, in 2005, the single went on to sell close to 30,000 copies.
An official remix by vandalism appeared in 2006 and went on to be the biggest download in’s history.
There began a bidding war, with MOS eventually winning. The commercial single is set be released as Freaks Vs Vandalism, with a new Vocal written by Freaks, and featuring the vocal talents of Freaks very own Stella Attar. freaks will be re recording the original as a live version and the single will also contain new remixes. It is set for release in August of this year. It was played by Jo Whiley and Scott Mills on Radio one and has been added to Capital radio, Galaxy and Yorkshire radio playlists.
Freaks will be riding the publicity of this with not one ,but three new singles. The first being a new live version of Tweekers and a new single, Repeater, on the flip.
This will be released in Early May on Music for Freaks. In Tandem with this, Freaks will also be releasing a digital only single, entitled Boiling Point, features some wonderful remixes by non other than Derrick L Carter. Already achieving critical acclaim stateside, the single features the vocal talents of Diz Washington, and is a live jam very much in the vain of early Kid Creole.
On top of this, Freaks will also be releasing a single on Rob Mello’s Disco 45. the single, entitled “Don’t Feed the bears,” once gain features the entire 10 piece band, and will contain a dub version mixed by Rob Mello.

Moving on to Luke news:
As well as being super busy mixing and co. producing the above, Luke has also been working on a solo album, entitled “the Difference Engine.”
Around 90 percent finished, the album will feature the vocal talents of Robert Owens, DJ Heather, Honey Dijon, and newcomers Natalie Brooms , Earl Gateshead and Derrick Carter.
And also featuring live musicians including the flute wonderboy, Nathan Haines.
As a reaction to the damning of dance albums, this just that, following the styles of Luke’s DJ sets ,the album is a nod to early Mr Fingers/house albums. All vocals, and a continuation of Luke’s solo singles on Crosstown and Rekids.

Luke has also been co – producing an album with Chicago cohort Tim Shumaker, of Home and Garden fame.
Under the guise of This Modern Dance, Tim and Luke have been working with various Chicago musicians, producing an album of electronica, heavily influenced by their old school heroes. Brian Eno, Japan and David Sylvian, to name a few. Look out for a series of very LTD EP’s , with collectable artwork.

AQnd to round up the news, Luke has been co- producing, what is set to be one of the most talked about electronic projects of this year.
Working alongside his co – producer Arthur Jeffes (his father was the founder of the highly respected Penguin Cafe.) and both working alongside a group of selected musicians, the pair are producing an album for Crosstown rebels owner , and set to be superstar DJ, Damian Lazarus. The album is very much under wraps at the moment, but expect something very very different.

Luke is also continuing to kick up a storm worldwide with his highly originally DJ style, taking his influences from al genres of dance both old and new. Playing minimal, house, tecno, disco , funk and mid tempo weirdness. Currently holding down 2 residencies , one @ the AKA in London, where Luke plays for 9 hours, covering 4 decades of dance music.
The other @ Cafe Borsa in Italy alongside fellow residents DJ Rocca and Italian legend , Daniel Baldelli.


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