Notes from the Underground: This means war

A rant to begin the rants.

What is it with the majority electronic music,producers and promoters in the 21st century.
When did it all get so fuckin serious.
When did people become so fucking scared of being different.
And when you try to be different, they call you weird.
It seems that everything became about self promotion and money.
Now i understand being broke, but what about art(ists).
I mean thats what we are no?
Or are we just a business.
I don’t know about you but i am in for the battle.
For me it remains art, and will always be.
Its about breaking rules.
Its about being inspired by the past and putting your own spin on it.
Its about paintings, books ,people, films, loves , hates.
Its about spinning that spin out of control until it become unrecognisable.
Just then, maybe, just maybe, it becomes a business.
Its then that the art becomes your own.
Only then does it becomes a trade, a business.
But that doesn’t mean you should stop pushing boundaries.
Just push them and add your stamp.
But ultimately, fuck the mainstream and use it to your advantage , and fuck those that don’t dare to be different.

The End

A true pioneer

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